Favourite Bookish Romances | I List Some Couples I Love

My Favourite Bookish Couples

After going on a pretty amazing date I’m in a very romantic mood, so I’ve decided to list my favourite bookish romances.

Some are heartwarming, some are heartbreaking, and some are just plain cheesy and wonderful.

*Beware of ship spoilers!*

They Both Die at the End – Rufus & Mateo

This one definitely falls under the heartbreaking category. It manages to be sweet, beautiful, and profound, but also make me snottily cry everywhere. The title makes it very clear that this book will ruin you, but I still say it’s worth it. Rufus and Mateo are a great couple, who deserve more than what they got.

Illuminae – Kady & Ezra

These two were my favourite pairing of this trilogy, and when you read some of Ezra’s quotes it’s not hard to see why. They’re broken up, they fight and argue, but they care so deeply about each other and will do anything to protect each other.

I’ll Give You the Sun – Jude & Oscar

As much as I love Noah and Brian (their quote is my favourite of the book) I can’t help but vote Jude and Oscore as my favourite couple of this book. They give me all the good feels, and the scene with the orange never fails to crack me up.

The Morganville Vampires – Claire & Shane

I can’t go through this list without mentioning my original relationship goals. Claire and Shane have a somewhat rocky relationship across the 15 books, and they go through many bumps, but thinking about them together will always make me happy.

All for the Game – Neil & Andrew

This is… not the most romantic of relationships. Neither Andrew or Neil are very affectionate people. It’s said in the book that neither of them has the capacity for tenderness. But I still admire their relationship, the deep care they have for each other and their total trust and respect.

Poison Study – Yelena & Valek

Their relationship is a little more grown up than the others I’ve mentioned, but I really love this pairing. The hardships they go through and the way they grow together makes this partnership strong. Both Yelena and Valek stand out as individual characters, but they’re perfect together and I love how everything ends for them.

I’m a sucker for romance in books, especially when it’s done well. Who doesn’t love watching a cute couple get together? That said, I don’t read many romance books – I tend to prefer relationships to happen alongside a bigger plot.

Who is your favourite bookish couple? Do you like romance books and should I read more?

Leave me any recommendations in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Favourite Bookish Romances | I List Some Couples I Love

  1. Awh I love this post so much!! Rufus and Mateo were super cute but you’re right, they definitely deserved more😭 I wished they had a better ending! Also same here, I don’t read many romance books either but I do like to see some relationships on the side of bigger plots. Wonderful post Abi!

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  2. I love this list! I’m a sucker for romance in books too and I read a romance novel every now and then, but my favorite romances are usually the ones that happen alongside other plots. Jude and Oscar are my absolute favorites, everything about their dynamic basically turns me into a heart eyes emoji who can’t stop smiling 😍 I also really love the romance in both Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph, they’re beautiful, slow burns.

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