I Freaking Love Borderlands | An Ode to Video Gaming

Borderlands & My Love of Video Gaming

I love video games.

I don’t have as much free time to play them as I used to, so I’m very selective about which games get my time. But when I find that title that just feels fulfilling and enjoyable to play, I’m happy to sink hours into it.

It wasn’t always this way, though. There was a time when I didn’t play any games, outside of phone apps and DS cartridges. I had no desire to play anything more – I thought video games were a “boy thing”. Then one day my mum came home with a bundle of games and an old Xbox 360 she’d bought off a friend at work. So I started playing.

Fable 2 Cover Image

Of the five games I got originally, I only ended up keeping one – Fable II. This game was great! It had an engaging story, the writing was funny, fighting gameplay was simple yet challenging… I loved it. (I also loved going around kicking virtual chickens. That’s the kind of quality gameplay I thrive on.) Most importantly, it was nothing like the perception I had of video gaming.

Prior to this, I was pretty convinced that video games were only played by teenage boy huddled in their bedrooms, and that the games in question simply involved mindlessley shooting down a bunch of generic enemies for hours on end. Which sounds boring and horrible. Fable erased that oh-so-stereotypical idea of gaming for me, and it still has a very fond place in my heart (and on my Xbox hard drive!). But the saga that really has my heart is…


Borderlands 2 Cover Image

I fell for this game thanks to its unique art style (which is still my favourite style ever) but I stayed for its side-splitting humour and engaging gameplay. Mostly I play because this is the game that taught me “Hey, girls can play first-person-shooters, and be damn good at them too.” It’s a series that has brought me many good things – like hours spent with my best friend. We’d visit each other’s houses to sit side by side, working through the shooting, looting madness in splitscreen. (We both played as Lilith.)

Borderlands 3 Lilith Middle Finger GIF

She’s moved further away now, so it’s no longer a matter of simply walking down the street to play for an hour or two. But as Borderlands 3 approaches, we’re planning to spend the weekend getting stuck in to this new installment. I for one couldn’t be happier to start the grind all over again.

Even if I will miss Handsome Jack.

Do you play video games? What’s your favourite? I’d love to chat about them in the comments.

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