I’m Scared to Read My Favourite Author’s Newest Release | Wisely Avoiding Disappointment or Potentially Missing Out?

I'm Scared to Read Infinity Son

Hello everyone! My name is Abi, I like to read books, and Adam Silvera makes me cry a lot. He’s been on my list of favourite authors ever since History Is All You Left Me made me sob into my pillow at 3am. He has a new book releasing in January, and I am scared to read it.

Infinity Son by Adam Silvera book cover

Wait, what?

Yes, my favourite author is bringing out a new book, and instead of being excited to read it, I’m terrified. Why? Because out of my 83 Goodreads friends who have read it, every single one has hated it. The best review I managed to find was a measly 3 stars. Everyone else gave it 1 or 2 stars, and the words “I’m so disappointed” and “DNF” came up more times than I can count.

Now, if I saw this anywhere else on the internet I would probably dismiss it and decide to form my own opinion. But I have added or accepted every one of these people because we have similar reading tastes. I follow them because they write reviews that I enjoy, respect, and trust. So if not a single one of them enjoyed it, what hope is there for me?

I try not to listen to others, I really do. In the past when I’ve seen negative reviews for books I’m anticipating, I’ve ignored them. Refused to even read them. But this time the scale is so shocking that it’s hard to ignore.

So, will I still be reading Infinity Son? Probably. But will I be rushing out to read it on release day? No, probably not.

Do you read reviews of books before deciding whether to read them?
Have you ever been put off by bad reviews?
And what’s your favourite Adam Silvera book?

Love and lemons, Abi

2 thoughts on “I’m Scared to Read My Favourite Author’s Newest Release | Wisely Avoiding Disappointment or Potentially Missing Out?

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping it’s just a case of people feeling differently to me. It seemed to be the same issue coming up in every review I saw – bad world building. Fingers crossed since these were only ARC reviews some things have been fixed before release? I guess the only thing for it is to read it and form my own opinion! 🤷


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