Empire of the Vampire Cover Reveal | It’s here and I’m so excited!

Empire of the Vampire cover reveal

Hello my lovely lemons! The UK/Australia cover for Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff got released a couple of days ago and I’m here to boost it by telling you how excited I am about this book!

I’m not kidding when I tell you I’ve been anticipating this book for years. Jay is an auto-buy author for me anyway, but an epic? About vampires? Sign me the eff up! I’m a firm believer that vamps get a bad rep, and I’m sad that they went out of fashion. Vampires that are villains, deadly and bloodthirsty? Oof, yes please.


“From holy cup comes holy light.
The faithful hand sets world aright.
And in the seven martyrs’ sight,
Mere man shall end this endless night.”

Twenty-seven years have passed since the last sunrise, and for almost three decades, the creatures of the night have walked the day without fear. Once, humanity fought bravely against the coldblood legions, but now, we exist only in a few scattered settlements—tiny sparks of light in a growing sea of darkness.

Gabriel de León is the last of the Silversaints, a holy order dedicated to defending realm and church, now utterly destroyed. Imprisoned for the murder of the vampiric king, Gabriel is charged with telling the story of his life.

His tale spans years, from his youth in the monastery of San Michon, to the forbidden love that spelled his undoing, and the betrayal that saw his order annihilated. Most importantly, Gabriel will tell the story of the Grail—the legendary cup prophesied to bring an end to the eternal night, whose location is known to a single person: A smart-mouthed teenage urchin named Dior.

Their journey with a band of unlikely allies would see Dior and Gabriel forge an unbreakable bond, and set the broken paragon on a road to redemption.

But now, the Grail is shattered. And with the cup of the Redeemer destroyed and the last Silversaint awaiting execution, what can bring an end to this undying empire?

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Nevernight Chronicle, Jay Kristoff, comes the first illustrated volume of an astonishing new dark fantasy saga.

Okay, I know I’m ready. Are you ready? Because here it is!

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff UK cover

Well holy heck, that is badass. She is a dark beauty. I’m so glad to see that they went with Kerby Rosanes again, after he created such amazing covers for the UK versions of Nevernight. I also know straight away from Nevernight that all the cover illustrations mean something, so I can’t wait to see how everything here fits into the story. I’m particularly excited about the badass angel warriors at the top.

This is the UK/Australia cover, and the US cover has yet to be released. You can preorder this edition now. I managed to snag a copy of the Waterstones special edition before it sold out and I’m very excited. Is it September yet???

In celebration of the cover reveal, Jay is running an ARC giveaway! Find all the deets here: https://jaykristoff.com/empire-of-the-vampire-uk-aus-cover-giveaway/

Let me know your thoughts on the cover in the comments! Are you excited? What’s your opinion on vampires? 👀

Love and lemons, Abi

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