Happy Pride Month! | A whole bunch of queer sci-fi recs + hiatus update

Pride Month 2021

Hello, my lovely lemons! 🍋 I’m still on hiatus, but I couldn’t let Pride Month pass without a post! Celebrating Pride has been a hallmark of this blog ever since it started, and it would’ve been wrong to just let the occasion pass by. So I’m here with a post celebrating everything I’ve been loving lately – queer sci-fi!

There are some books I’ve read, some books I haven’t (but want to), and some books that sent me into a raving spiral of obsession where I could do nothing but scream about my love for days. (Okay, so that was just one book, but still.) I’m excited, so let’s get to it!

Books I Have Read

Gideon the Ninth & Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

So, this is the series that sent me absolutely rabid. I’m not kidding. I was not present on this Earth while I read these. I travelled to a different plane of existence where I was only aware of disaster space lesbians and my all-consuming love of them. This series is weird, gruesome, and filled with both skeletons and memes. Please read it, then come share Harrow theories with me, because I have many.

If you needed any more incentive, I started rereading this series the second I finished it. (Well, not the very second because I finished it at 2am, but you get the idea.)

The Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells

Ah, my comfort series. I discovered these novellas late last year and was instantly hooked. Do you want to read about the escapades of a socially awkward genderless security AI that just wants humans to stop being stupid so it can quit saving them and go back to binging TV shows? If so, then The Murderbot Diaries is for you. This crazy futuristic sci-fi is somehow the most relatable story I’ve ever read.

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling

I love seeing queer characters in books where their queerness has nothing to do with the plot – it’s just there. And this fits the bill perfectly. I haven’t encountered many queer characters in horror before, so this was a refreshing change. If you, too, would like to read a claustrophobic, psychological horror about a lesbian on a deep cave dive with only one untrustworthy handler where nothing is as it seems… The Luminous Dead is for you.

The First Sister by Linden A. Lewis

May I direct you to this entire post detailing my love of this book? It was my first true experience of reading queer Sci-Fi and it made me realise how much I love this genre. It’s a book that has a lot to say and does so through excellent storytelling. Featuring a bisexual woman and a non-binary hero among the main characters, it was one of the first times I read about queer characters in Adult fiction. The depth and the way relationships are explored is a world away from YA. Just be aware this series is dark – I include trigger warnings in my review linked above.

Books I Want to Read

I should probably talk about these but there’s a lot of them and I haven’t blogged in ages so I’m being a bit lazy. I’m sure you can forgive me. If any covers interest you, look them up! The official synopses all sound amazing and probably do a better job of summing these books up than I could.

So, about that hiatus. I’ve been away for a while now! Over two months, in fact. And in all honesty a hiatus was just what I needed. My life has been so hectic since I pressed pause on my blog, so it looks like I took a break at just the right time. Right now I’m enjoying the summer, getting my hands dirty in the garden and eating through a whole stack of books. Since stepping back from the community I’ve found myself reading voraciously, in a way I haven’t since before I started my blog years ago. Reading for myself, rather than thinking about creating content, has freed me up to simply enjoy stories. And I’ve loved it, truly.

Where does that leave my blog? I’m not sure. I love this platform, it’s my little online baby and I don’t want to give it up. But this break has taught me that I can’t let it rule my life, or turn reading into a job. If I’m going to keep doing this, I need it to be fun! Right now I’m planning a slow return from hiatus – posting when I feel inspired and have something to write about. Just bringing this blog back to what it was always meant to be – a hobby. And of course, reading more for myself and less for the whole world. I think that’s a pretty admirable goal.

Love and lemons, Abi

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