It’s My Blogiversary! | Scribbles & Stories turns 3

My blog turns 3!

Hello, my lovely lemons! πŸ‹ I can’t quite believe it, but my blog is 3 years old today! In truth, I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve got a few drafts on rotation but I haven’t actually posted anything since July (oops!). I don’t know what the future of this blog holds, but hopefully, as we move out of summer I can find more time to spend on it, and it’ll be a place that brings me as much enjoyment and happiness as it always has.

I’ve been taking a more relaxed approach to everything lately, and that included my blog. I’d like to keep this mood going forward, while still being more present. Right now I think this will mean blogging about things other than just books. I’ve taken a bit of a step back from the bookish community over the past couple of months. I still love all my blogging friends – you’re the best! – but social media and the wider landscape were stressing me out a lot. (Me and Book Twitter will never get along.) I’ve even ditched Goodreads, and I have a post about that and what I’m using instead coming up.

So, what have I been doing instead all this time? I’ve been getting outside more – after getting an allotment plot in July gardening is never far from my mind. I’ve been getting my hands in the soil, watching wildlife, climbing trees… It’s been wonderful for my mental health. Picture me running around after bees or toads, and kneeling in the dirt with a wildflower guide from the 1980s trying to identify a daisy. Also, clambering as far as I possibly can up trees, to the horror of everyone around me. It’s the chaotic goblin energy for me.

Most recently I’ve been spending a lot of time watching anime. I’d never gotten into it before, but now I’m hooked. My current favourites are Cells at Work, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and Sk8 the Infinity. All are pretty funny and comforting. I don’t have many passive hobbies, so sitting back and watching something has been extra nice. In terms of reading, I’ve been branching out more into different genres (and neglecting my TBR). I’ve got another separate post coming about that, providing I can pull myself together and get the draft finished.

My new approach to everything has just been to take each day as it comes, which is great for myself but terrible for running a consistent content platform. (Hello, my recent lack of blogging!) Still, on the three-year anniversary of the day when I first pressed ‘Publish’ I love this blog as much as I ever did. I might not be a perfect person, with a content plan and regular posts scheduled in advance, but I’ve got heart. I am messy and chaotic and will absolutely not be consistent, ever. But I never really wanted to be. So here’s to three more years of me having fun rambling to you all on the internet, whenever and however I want to. Cheers!

Love and lemons, Abi

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