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Sometimes you spend ages looking for the perfect story, and sometimes you stumble across one entirely by accident. This was a case of the latter. I’ve been using Spotify for many months now and while my music listening habits are more frequent than ever, I’ve never really used it for podcasts. I’ve listened to half an episode of The Two Princes, before I realised I wasn’t paying any attention to my work and switched back to my chaotic gay tunes.

Then one day I opened the app and the most beautiful title card I’ve ever seen graced my screen, proudly proclaiming “ALL VAMPIRES ARE GAY” and I thought “Yep! This is for me!”

All Vampires Are Gay by Corwynn Rosewood

Have you ever wanted to listen to someone read you a story about a gay goth vampire and his queer supernatural friends finding romance and fighting evil? If not, I bet you do now. This podcast feels like sitting in a cosy room in front of a roaring fire, while someone reads you a story from a huge leather tome. It’s sweet, it’s easy listening, and it definitely makes me smile.

Now, I won’t lie. This isn’t going to be winning any literature prizes. It’s just pure, cheesy, good fun. As I listened to episode one, I was a little unsure. The writing is a little amateurish, in a way that anyone who’s read a lot of fanfiction will probably recognise. It’s not a bad thing! It has a comforting, easy vibe. (There’s just no way a publishing house editor would let that many references to “super-hearing” slide.) And of course, by the time I got to episode two I was hooked.

Urban fantasy hijinks abound as we follow dramatic goth vampire Victor Nightingale on his adventures around the city (and his quest to get into the pants of an intriguing local DJ named Robert). Magical artifacts, mysterious crypts, a reawakening ancient evil and the ex from hell are just some of the delights this podcast has to offer. And seriously, I can’t sell to you enough what a dramatic vampire Victor is. Swishing his black coat around like it’s a cape? Who wouldn’t!

For anyone interested, here’s the link to their website and the official synopsis is below:

Victor Nightingale is a few hundred years old and bored of everything. When he meets a beautiful and mysterious young DJ named Robert they have an immediate connection.

But their new romance is threatened by the supernatural forces brewing on the horizon, from ancient evil vampires to morally grey witches there’s all kinds of danger in their midst, and someone from Victor’s past is the one pulling the strings.

Together with their queer gang of found family; non-binary spy master Samson, asexual fortune-telling oracle Persephone and trans vampire witch Jinn, they will explore their relationships and emotions while fighting evil in their rainy coastal city.

All Vampires Are Gay – Listen Now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible and more!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be sitting here patiently waiting for episode 8 to release. Recommend me your favourite podcasts in the comments!

Love and lemons, Abi

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