My Manga Wishlist | I’m in a reading slump and only cute graphic novels will fix it


Hello, my lovely lemons! 🍋 I hope you’re doing well today! I have been… struggling. With reading. My TBR Challenge is weighing me down (I think it’ll take a whole separate post to get that rant off my chest) and no matter how much I want to read, it just isn’t happening. I can be desperate to sit and get some reading time in, but once I get through a few pages the words just start to swim in front of my eyes. I zone completely out, to the point where my eyes unfocus. It’s like my brain is telling me to read, making me feel guilty when I’m not reading, then as soon as I pick up a book it just switches off. So I’m just stuck here, with all this desire to read yet no capacity for reading, and the only thing that will scratch the itch is comics.

I’m finally caught up on Saga (bar issue 60 which I need to go out and get) after waiting for two whole years to finish it. I was scared of getting to the end and being stuck on a cliffhanger during the open-ended hiatus. Then it came back from hiatus in January and I’ve just been collecting up the new issues since then and not reading them because… I’m just like that.

But I did catch up, reading 1400 pages of awesome SFF action over just two days, then crying a bit (a lot) at the end. Chapter 54 did a number on me, y’all. I curled up in a little ball and wept. The last book that had that kind of emotional impact on me was Monsters of Men. Real snotty, chest-hurting tears. So after all that waiting, I wish I had finished it when I started it back in 2020, because I might just have processed all the pain by now.

Saga Compendium One by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples
I finally conquered the beast

My intention was that Saga would be a salve on the reading-slump wound. Some quick, easy reading to get me jump-started. All it did was make me crave graphic novels with a vengeance. I’ve ordered the complete book of Paper Girls, to give me another 800 pages of comic beauty written by Brian K. Vaughan. I’ve been frantically making my way through my small manga collection. But I don’t have much, so I’m (of course) looking at getting more. So I thought rather than just spiralling by myself, I’d make my reading crisis into a wishlist post!

My Androgynous Boyfriend Vol 2 & 3

My Androgynous Boyfriend Volume 2
My Androgynous Boyfriend Volume 3

Oh, I love this series. I’ve had the first volume for a few months (Olly bought me it for my birthday ❤️) and I just read it this week. I am now planning a shopping trip entirely dedicated to finding volume 2, which is sold out everywhere online. It’s the most precious story!!!! (And I’m a sucker for pretty boys, as you’ll probably see from this post.) It’s a really sweet and wholesome slice of life romance about an non-traditional couple. Wako spends her days working hard in publishing, while her boyfriend Meguru is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and making himself cute for her! It’s just such a lovely, light story following them about their life. Wako believes that cute things make the world better, and as far as this story is concerned I have to agree!

High Rise Invasion

High Rise Invasion Volume 1-2

Little bit of a change of pace from the last one! I first saw this series on Netflix, when I came across the trailer for the anime. It’s about a girl who suddenly finds herself on the roof of a high rise building, where she witnesses a masked man kill someone. She soon finds she’s trapped in a world of skyscrapers, where her only options for escape are to fight the mysterious masked figures or jump to her death! It’s certainly a dark premise. I just find it really interesting, and I haven’t really read any comics that are horror/thrillers. I thought it would make a fun change. Plus these come in bumper books of two volumes, so they should keep me going for a bit longer (I hope).

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 1

This is more my usual vibe. Like I said, I’m a sucker for pretty boys. So when a series promises me a whole club of pretty boys right there in the title? I’m down. I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about the plot. I am shallow. Pretty boys solving mysteries sounds good enough to me!

Sweat and Soap

Sweat and Soap Volume

This a cute and different romance! It’s got a very unique premise. It’s an office romance at a soap company between a girl who struggles with her body odour, and the company’s lead perfumer. Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx proclaimed it a god-tier romance manga and I am very excited to read it!! Honestly anything cute and romance-y is exactly what I want to read right now.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Volume 3+

This is one of my favourite series! I love the anime, and I can’t get enough of it so it’s a good job the manga has 22 volumes at present, and is still ongoing. I own a random assortment of the physical volumes – since it’s rare for a shop to stock all 22 books of a silly comedy romance, and I can read it in the Shonen Jump app (for only £1.99 a month). I currently own volumes 1 and 2 digitally, and 11 and 21 physically. (It was all they had in the store.) Since I don’t have the money or the bookshelf space to buy all 22 physically, I’m just trying to collect a few with my favourite covers and stories in. So basically I’m down to buy any volumes I don’t already have.

And since none of that explained any of what this series is about: in the battle of love, the first to give their heart will be conquered. This is a romance between the President and Vice President of the student council at the elite Shuchin Academy. Both are locked in a battle of wits, trying to convince the other to confess their love first. It’s so over-dramatic and utterly hilarious. I love the characters so much, and the outrageous schemes they come up with are so iconic.

Rozi in the Labyrinth

Rozi in the Labyrinth Volume 1

I only even heard of this series this week, but it looked so cute I couldn’t resist adding it to my list. It’s described as a story about a young girl, guided by handsome monster boys (you can see what sucked me in here) who explores a mysterious maze of alleyways. I love low-stakes fantasy, and this sounds like a perfect story of exploration and adventure.

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation Volume 5

A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation Volume 5

Speaking of low-stakes fantasy! This is my favourite manga series and I’m going to keep sticking it into every post until somebody other than me and 3 people on Tumblr read it. I’ve read volume 5 online but I want a physical copy to add to my collection! Hopefully if the manga sells well they’ll translate the light novels to English (please, I need more content!!). When Lizel suddenly gets transported to another world, he decides not to worry and treat it as a vacation. When he hires adventurer Gil to be his guide, the two end up forming their own adventuring party and meeting lots of loveable characters along the way. I’ve read these multiple times because they’re just so comforting and magical light reading.

Okay, that was fun! It’s been a while since I did a wishlist post like this (I think the last one was in 2020?) and I forget how enjoyable they are. I’m making this post before I go on a shopping trip to look at buying said manga, so expect a follow up haul soon!

Do you like reading graphic novels when you feel a slump coming? What’s your favourite genre of comics? Let me know in the comments!

Love and lemons, Abi

2 thoughts on “My Manga Wishlist | I’m in a reading slump and only cute graphic novels will fix it

  1. Loved seeing your Manga wishlist! 🥰 I hope reading some manga and graphic novels can help you get back to reading! I have also been interested in reading Sweat & Soap as so many people love it 👀 I’m nowhere near caught up with Saga, I only read the first 3 volumes, so I have to catch up someday 😅

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    1. Thank you! 🥰 I have now read the first volume of Sweat and Soap and you can add me to the list of people who love it! It was honestly so good, better than I was expecting it to be. ❤️ Catching up with Saga is definitely a big feat! I’d say it’s really worth it though, even if you just go slowly with it. The story and characters just get better and better 😄

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